Ben Demaree
Hello. My name is Ben, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I currently write software at LeadPages. In the past, I have worked for the University of Minnesota as a computer repair technician, web developer, and student security analyst. In my studies I have enjoyed being able to focus on interactive design while working on my computer science courses. I have also worked as a freelance designer and developer for a few years, where I've been able to continually blur the lines between design and development.
I love a good side project, and have recently focused my attention on the University of Minnesota API working group, which I helped form at the University of Minnesota Campus Code Fest. The project seeks to define and implement a system for aggregating API services across the institution. Spanning the various components of the system, we've made use of Go, Ruby, PHP, Python, ZeroMQ and even a little Lua. The wide scope has taught me a lot about working on institution-scale projects with a nimble team. Our initial implementation is complete, and supports routing HTTP requests with HMAC signatures. Currently in the pipe are web interfaces, client libraries, and some good old-fashioned backing stores.
Continually switching gears in my thought process has become core to my day-to-day. Despite frustrations and cries of futility from time to time, I've slowly embraced that mastering one field is not for me. While design and technology have a wonderful intersection, I consider that a lucky break. I am thus far confident that knowing a bit about a bunch of things is what's right for me. An investor might call it “diversifying your portfolio,” though for me, the instinct is more attributable to being overwhelmingly delighted when knowledge comes in handy unexpectedly. Maybe it's a trivia complex, but it is, at least, what you should know about me.